Topper Production does live video broadcastings on demand. (Send an e-mail for info and prices)

Topper has a lot of experience in working with social media. Live broadcastings on the web is one of his many specialties.


In 2009 Topper worked with the project Inkonst TV, in collaboration with Malmö University. (sponsored by Qbrick, Swedens largest online video platform.) One part of the project was to stage public space with art and culture that was connected to the streets and the multi cultural scenes around Möllevången in Malmö. (A place famous for it´s wide variety of nationalities.) The projects name was KAMERAÖVERVAKNING – ISCENSÄTTER DET OFFENTLIGA RUMMET (CCTV – STAGING PUBLIC SPACE). The program positioned itself with a critical view on our ever expanding mass surveillance society. The first show took place outside of the Baghdad-shop on Möllevången. Apart from the music and street art, the show also was an arena for academic researchers in the area of surveillance. (With several lectures and spoken word performances on the topic.)


Here you can see some interviews and design work for INKONST TV: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD5334C5CC57D755C